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March: How to Improve Your Middle Sales Funnel (MOFU)

Posted by Jonathan Osorio

Mar 20, 2015 9:36:00 PM

March-Miami-HUG-Meeting.001Did you miss our March meeting? or Do you want to improve the middle of your sales funnel?

This slice deck explains how to engage more lead and qualify more prospects. You will identify what is the right framework t

o improve your MOFU (Middle-Of-Funnel). Also, how much time you should be allocating for your inbound marketing campaigns and what are the right tools to work on.

We have cover the following:

  • Inbound Marketing Methodology
  • Sales Funnel 
  • Buyer Journey
  • Content Mapping
  • Middle of the Sales Funnel Framework
  • Campaing strategy and Execution
  • HubSpot Tools

 Download the Presentation Now  How to Improve Your Lead Convertion 

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